Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Thoughts From a Cluttered Mind

:: We've all seen the spike in his traditional statistics, but here's something for you sabermetric seamheads. Delmon Young's .895 OPS (On-Base% + Slugging%) is now 218 points higher than it was through 93 games last year (.677). He's putting together a memorable season, even if he still looks like a lost Boy Scout chasing butterflies in left field. ::

:: If anyone is actually buying the talk that Brett Favre is still considering retirement, shoot me an email. I've got some oceanfront property in Eagan I'll give you a great deal on. ::

:: Is J.J. Hardy Rob McElhenney's celebrity doppleganger, or is Rob McElhenney J.J. Hardy's celebrity doppleganger? Would you rather work at Target Field, or Paddy's Pub? Is Philadelphia really any sunnier than Minneapolis? These are just some of the things I ponder in the minutes between J.J. Hardy swinging and J.J. Hardy reaching first base. ::

:: Did anyone else squirm when Adrian Peterson made a cameo last week on Entourage, in the exact same episode that Ari Gold made a pitch to get an NFL team in Los Angeles? ::

:: It's been three whole paragraphs since I talked about Delmon Young. On a night where Matt Garza throws a no-hitter, all Delmon does is rack up another four hits, move into 6th in AL batting average, and 4th in AL RBI's. Call me crazy, but I'm not backing off my opinion that I still would not reverse that trade today. ::

:: The Timberwolves just traded for Delonte West. I guess that's the closest they were going to get to LeBron James. ::

:: David Kahn continues to provide refreshing comic relief for the train wreck at 600 1st Avenue. In a recent interview with NBA TV's Chris Webber, the Timberwolves VP of Basketball Operations came with his best stuff yet. When Webber asked Kahn about Darko Milicic, Kahn dropped back-to-back-to-back punchlines. Without ever coming up for air, he compared the colossal bust to "manna from heaven," compared his passing skills to Vlade Divac's, and compared his early career to Webber's. The former 5-time All Star and NBA Rookie of the Year was able to laugh off the first two, but he clearly did not appreciate being the butt of the third joke. In a subsequent interview on KSTP radio, Kahn responded to Webber's justified irritation by calling him a "schmuck." For an encore, the pretentious Kahn began the next sentence with "Methinks." As a child, I often wondered what it would be like if Mr. Rogers were to slick back his hair and ingest massive amounts of peyote. Methinks I've found my answer. ::

:: Playing in a lot of fantasy football leagues is one thing. But right now, I'm on the hook to be the commissioner of three. I need to reevaluate that decision. It's all fun and games until Robert Meachem puts you in the witness protection program (controversial scoring incident below). ::


  1. Do you think Delonte is ok with being traded here? Now that LeBron is out of town, I'm sure Delonte won't be seeing his mom much.

  2. Where most Wolves will race from Target Center to The Drink after games, I imagine Delonte will be jumping on south 35W and cruising to Apple Valley Majors (a.k.a. Cougarville, USA).

  3. it's actually kinda refreshing to know that West won't play 1 minute as a T'Pup. I've never really been a fan of his.

  4. You're crazy - Delmon is going to have to rake for another year or two before I wouldn't reverse that trade.

  5. Delmon's finally committed, and having an everyday player who's a legit right handed threat in a lineup of lefties (Mauer, Morneau, Thome, Kubel, Span) is invaluable for the Twins. He's a couple years younger than Garza, so I'm looking forward to which player I'd rather have for the rest of their careers.

    It was two seasons of hell for Twins fans, but the fact that we can even have a realistic conversation about the trade in 2010 is fantastic. A lot of people (myself included) had already cut our losses. Nothing against Garza, obviously. The trade has worked out well for both squads. And how often do GM's swap blue chippers coming into their primes - that's the kind of risk that can cost you your job if you're wrong. Intriguing trade.