Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Should the Vikings Trade Everson Griffen?

I’m not panicking. Panicking is for teams with high expectations.

However, if I thought the 2012 Vikings could flirt with .500, I’d probably be losing sleep over Michael Jenkins starting opposite Percy Harvin. I’d be chewing my nails as I watched Rick Spielman patch together the cornerback unit with replacement-level talent. And I’d be popping Xanex like Altoids at the thought of two special teamers (Jamarca Sanford and Mistral Raymond) manning the deep halves of the Tampa 2 in the NFL’s best passing division.

Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford combined for 9,681 yards and 86 touchdowns last season? Pass the Smirnoff.

The cold, hard reality is that 12 months from now, Vikings fans will likely be in a similar situation: breaking down top-five draft picks. Still, rebuilding this broken roster has to start somewhere, and the team is rich at exactly one position.

Defensive end.

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