Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly rankings take into account opponent, injuries and other incidental factors.


Ryan Boser highlights one quarterback who will "POP," and one who will "FLOP."

Alex Smith (San Francisco 49ers) vs. Seattle
Lost in a career chock-full of disappointment is the fact that Alex Smith is actually pretty good against Seattle...
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Sam Bradford (St. Louis Rams) vs. Philadelphia
Sam Bradford’s impressive rookie season, coupled with the addition of pass-happy Josh McDaniels, has fantasy football owners drooling over the sophomore’s potential this season...
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Joey Cavalier highlights one running back who will "POP," and one who will "FLOP."

Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts) at Houston
With Peyton Manning sidelined for Week 1 (and who knows how much longer), the Colts will simplify their offense and lean heavily on the multi-faceted talents of Joseph Addai. Believe it or not, Addai will be the Colts’ weapon of choice as they sift through the ashes of their post-apocalyptic life without Manning. From short passes to increased carries, Addai will see a lot of action in week one against the pedestrian defense of the Houston Matadors… whoops… I meant Texans.

Ryan Grant (Green Bay Packers) vs. New Orleans
There are plenty of fantasy owners who will be counting on Grant to perform as a starting back for their squad in Week 1. It’s too bad for those owners that Grant will be up against the stronger-than-ever front seven of the New Orleans Saints, now anchored by Aubrayo Franklin. Combine that with James Starks creeping closely and two pass-happy offenses going at it tit-for-tat, and Grant will produce like a fantasy RB3/4. You probably have better options for Week 1.


Brian Dezelske highlights one wide receiver who will "POP," and one who will "FLOP."

Plaxico Burress (New York Jets) vs. Dallas
There’s a lot of talk about how good the Dallas Cowboys could be this year, and while there is something to that, don’t expect to see right out of the gate. The Cowboys starting corners, Mike Jenkins and Terrance Newman, didn’t play a snap during the preseason—and they’re on the road in hostile territory. While it’s looking like Jenkins will suit up, Newman may not dress for this game, which is actually a great thing for Newman, since Burress used to embarrass him twice a year back in his N.Y. Giants days. I could easily see Burress with 80 yards and a red zone score.

Marques Colston (
New Orleans Saints
) at Green Bay
Is it just me, or does Marques Colston always disappoint his fantasy owners? The word you’re looking for is yes. Let’s break this down together, shall we? Colston is the No. 1 receiver on a team with roughly eight legit options that Drew Brees can choose from—and he uses them all. Now throw on top of that the fact that Colston’s going to see a heavy dose of Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams. You see where I’m going with this? If you have other options at the receiver position, I would strongly suggest looking at their matchups before committing to a receiver that has to face off against that Green Bay Packer defense.


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