Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vikings Game Notes: Preseason WK1 @ Tennessee


- Asher Allen picked up right where he left off last season, missing a tackle on the first play from scrimmage and getting burned down the sideline on the second.

- Secondary struggling to tackle on first drive. Vikings bailed out by 30-yard loss on an atomic fumble.

- Gerhart catch-and-run on third and long to convert--an encouraging sign. Two plays later he makes a sweet cutback and plows ahead for ten yards. On third and short, Vikings get owned at point of attack. Get used to it. Chris Warcraft enters for first punt since calling Brady and Manning d-bags.

- Jasper Brinkley whiffs badly on clear shot at Locker.

- Asher Allen misses another tackle.

- Christian Ballard plants Locker from the DT spot--first sack of the preseason.

- McNabb done, finishes 6-11 for 40 yards. Lots of quick hitters tonight.

- Lorenzo Booker making people miss out of the backfield, but (still) can't run inside.

- Booker fumble.

- Chris Cook torched for 45-yard touchdown from Locker to Figurs.

- Chris Cook gets trucked--disappointing night.

- Vikings physically dominated in the trenches throughout the first half. Touchdown Titans (14-0).

- Joe Webb to Jaymar Johnson on a pretty slant... followed by another nifty check down to Booker.


- Joe Webb flashing crazy athleticism, but that running shot put is eerily reminiscent of the Tarvaris jump-pass.

- Joe Webb continues to move the chains as a dual-threat quarterback. I prefer him to McNabb, personally.

- Ponder to Rudolph on his first professional snap. Romo to Witten -- you heard it here first.

- Marcus Sherels is thoroughly overmatched.

- Lorenzo Booker still making people miss. Fumble aside, great showing.

- Ponder shows nice escapability/playmaking on 17-yard first down pass.

- It's refreshing not to be watching Albert Young.

- Juaquin Iglesias explodes down the sideline for 26 on a dump off.

- 35-yard punt return for Jaymar Johnson. His spot should be solidified on the roster.

- Ponder's a very average 6'2", but he's playing shorter than that--ball batted at line.

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