Monday, January 24, 2011

POLL: Which QB Option Sucks Least?

To your right, you'll notice a list that ranges from fresh-faced rookies to geriatric Band-Aids. These are your 2011 quarterback options, Vikings' fans. It's a bitter pill to swallow, less than 24 hours after Aaron Rodgers and the hated Green Bay Packers earned a birth in Super Bowl XLV. A 27-year old superstar, we'll have the pleasure of watching Rodgers lead the green and gold for the next decade.

If you're still reading, let's take a closer look at this poll. Anywhere from one (Webb) to three of these quarterbacks will be on the Vikings' roster in 2011. It's entirely possible that a short/long term combination will be brought in, and Webb will resume his role as an athletic project. You'll notice that in parenthesis, I've included players' opening day age, as well as my best estimate of their draft/trade value. There are still a lot of moving parts in this equation, from the Draft Combine to the CBA situation. Other teams' roster moves, like whether Tennessee outright waives Vince Young, could also directly effect the Vikings' plans. So for now, this is purely a hypothetical discussion regarding the day-one starter. If you choose a stopgap, it is assumed that the Vikings will also spend an early draft pick on a developmental quarterback. I'll let the poll run until we gain some clarity at the position. Feel free to add or discuss options.

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