Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Second Look at Wesley Johnson


What They're Saying

Roy Williams
North Carolina Coach, after Johnson tallied 25 points and 8 rebounds in Syracuse' upset of UNC at Madison Square Garden.
"We didn't have an answer for guarding Wes."

Doug Collins
Philadelphia 76er Head Coach
"Watching Wesley work out was like, 'Wow, that was impressive.' This young kid has got it. He's charismatic. He can play. He's respectful. He's older. Impressive... Not as good of a ballhandler right now as Scottie (Pippen), but he's a better shooter... He has a real good feel."

David Kahn
Timberwolves President of Basketball Ops.
“He’s got a beautiful stroke... He has almost a classic basketball body. Good height. I thought he picked things up very quickly during the workout and clearly can run, which is so important to all of us in terms of how we want to play."

Jonny Flynn
Timberwolves Point Guard
"Shooting was one of our weakest points last season, and Wes can shoot it... He's long and athletic. He can open up lanes for everybody. He's really a good fit for us... If he had been able to play with us in my last year (at Syracuse), we would have gone to the Final Four."

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