Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Diary: Welcome to the Interweb

This blog is dedicated to you, Minnesota sports fans. From homers to hecklers, you’ve lived through the occasional joys, the devastating heartbreaks, and all the expected mediocrity in between. Yet you’ve persevered. Hell, you’ve ridden that bandwagon like a bucking bronco. So have I. Because in Minnesota, there’s always next year.

My promise to you: first-rate analysis served up cold with a side of second-rate humor. It’s unfiltered spin from a washed-up athlete, lurking in the cheap seats with a Mac and a chip on his shoulder. It’s big opinions, with little regard for conventional thinking. I’ll hold underachievers accountable, slap overachievers on the back, and challenge you to experience sports from a disillusioned point of view. My hopes are that somewhere within that broad spectrum, you can find your sweet spot and we can connect. If not? Hey, it’s Minnesota. There’s always next year.